Wedding accessories for bridesmaids in the U.S. as well.

Vilhelmina P. Wedding photographer and organizer writes from Washington, DC:

When I had the honor that you have chosen main bridesmaid, it is good when you know that you are one of the most important role in the wedding, so make sure that throughout the process you stand next to the bride. Not only as a sponsor, party organizer and comfort be resilient, but as a psychologist, coach, discipline and a sense of reality as a feminine man. If you're not quite sure what to expect from him in the next couple of insurable guess that you're the best assistant for wedding, brides who wish for.
 As the Maid of Honor
• Your job is to guide the rest of bridesmaid during the performance of their duties. Make sure that everyone gets their clothes, going to the dress rehearsal and find the best-fitting jewelry! Also check to make sure that everyone knows what in the pre-wedding period!• If you offer your help in organizing the wedding, in clear exactly! Instead of asking "How can I help?" But rather ask this: "Can I help you on your invitations?" Or "I can help you choose the bridesmaids' clothes?"!• If possible, as many guests were made aware that the young couple would need the type of gifts!• Plan and you keep yourself in the hen! Of course, this is the other bridesmaid to be involved.• Help the bride with the bridesmaids to look at clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. The fact that the bride's own expense, obtain the bridesmaids' clothes, I have a budget up to (and differences across cultures can be experienced). Is to offer whether it is you I'm standing on your clothes, and had absolutely up to you.

Blogger's comment: It's all right, but I do not understand why you have to console the bride. Why should not comfort the groom?