"In a world full picture from the wedding should be as unobtrusive"

Frank Mc. says the leader of the "Monitor" Photographer Association, Buffalo, NY.

I started photography in 2008-cutting as a local television channel, in Buffalo. The sore is still an integral concept in my life, many music videos, advertising spots, I made reference film, film festival awards. Three years ago I started taking pictures, for the first time in club, band members, and models. I tasted a fashion and portrait photography into, which to this day is also very close to me. I worked in Dallas, TX, Corpus Christi TX, various newspaper, as a photojournalist.

I started photographing weddings in 2011 to deal with friends and acquaintances about the request. Just because the trust was invested in five shooting my wedding this summer. Although in the beginning I did not want to deal with the wedding photography because I thought it was so flush with the market and big names, famous photographers dominate it would be impossible to prevail ... but I had to realize that this is not so (even there are always opportunities for younger).

Could not escape the wedding photography because my vision, capturing the moments of my directness, my sense of humor and creativity to contribute continuously got my invitations that I make an out on this beautiful day for their wedding photos. It proved that what I see through the lens, the other is a happy moment. In fact, I love doing wedding photography in the meantime and I'm glad you managed to figure it out this way!

Blogger's comment: Dear my Friend! I hope you managed to find a new career! The point is striking.