Yesterday, bachelorette party, bachelor party, however today, the organization or both. Amanda P. organizer and wedding photography advice:

Amanda P. in Cincinnati, OH. knows everything about the organization of the wedding photography.Dear brides and grooms start at the beginning

The Hangover. Now many people are probably smiling and nodding, as this is a film that has so to speak has become a classic among the aged and grooms. (Let's be honest, and let's face it, the guys also know and love it ... if nothing else, Bradley Cooper has certainly) the basic story of a guy before marriage - was a bit wild - bachelor party with his buddies. Of course they all laugh a half hours, but if you think about it, no one would be too happy on their wedding day, when the bridegroom should totally chasing a hangover. This article, therefore, was born. The aim is to arrive at a bachelor party Arrange which includes a movie just for fun, following the "suffering" is not.

The guest list:The bachelor party was originally started as a gathering of gentlemen conquest: a civilized evening meant a 'gentlemen' club has a low alcohol, tobacco, cheers the bride's health. Well, things have changed a bit. While most of today's bachelor party left the civilized civilized attaches a little looser spent the evening in order, while the invited guests did not change. Generally, the best friend (and sometimes the witness) is organizing rallies and call your friends, male relatives. What is important is that the list is not 100 people and will be pursued as such to invite people who get along well with each other as possible.

The venue - Entertainment.As a location for virtually anything goes. An average stag party usually means a combination of the following: alcohol, strippers, gambling (the order is reversed, of course). However, these days the fashion is returning to the tradition: spending a relaxing weekend in the mountains, for instance. Others, rich in adrenaline activities are organized, such as white water rafting or rock climbing. There are even some who have assembled a bűnbarlangos recreation, or golf, steak dinner or a cigar.Of course, the multi-day getaway to the countryside go much higher costs, so they have to be carefully considered. If this option is proving too much extras to a local bar, or hotel room or guest apartment is perfectly adequate for the purpose venue..Useful TipsA bachelor party organizer duty to remember the groom, as it is this evening. In order to avoid any kind of disgrace, I would give a few tips that you might keep in mind:• No one should drive home drunk under any circumstances! It is no longer a luxury limousine or town car hire. However, if this is not possible, then an enterprising guest takes role of the driver for the evening. If this does not seem to be the best solution, it remains a well-established taxi story. The point is that everyone get home safely.• It is important for ingenuity! When it comes to an organized whole is kept private party can be really special. Not to mention the fact that the organization itself may be a good program in the company of friends.Must be the groom • Given. Some of this is like a little humble and make the groom feel uncomfortable: pl. completely drunk, compromising photos with her, or shave your legs, etc.. Regardless of how much each of these gags are open when the groom tells you to stop, you will be fit to stop joking.• correctly match allocate costs among the participants (this is from the groom, of course, exceptions)• Take advantage of our creativity! A strongly curved at night may sound great, but in the longer term a common seven companies with the guys in the mountains memorable experience.• Camera is definitely someone!I hope that I could be really useful advice, Dear Sirs. If you think cordially invited to storytelling (but only if you stayed memories ...).