What is the purpose of the berothal party? More and more fashion event in the U.S.

Bertha F. experience of saying Nashville, TN:

The news of the engagement, people want to congratulate and one party is much more fun than a phone call. In addition, this is a perfect time to introduce me to important people to each other, who will meet in anyway beyond pretty much as close to your wedding. In fact, this is the first time before the wedding, when the different generations of friends and get to know each other as part of a familial little time.Traditionally, the bride's parents held a formal get-together. Later the groom's parents may also organize a party or both parties can be associated with his parents to co-organize the party. However, today, more and more couples organize their own party. The friends of course favour a small gathering, but it should always be kept in mind that such an event can have financial implications, which depending on the number and nature of the party is not enough.

When to keep?The engagement party is usually completed within a few months after the girl's request, at a time when even the last digit carefree life, but you have not started a serious wedding planning. The guests should be notified one month before the party. Overall, I would say to keep the ideal engagement party for 9-11 months before the wedding.

Where should you settle?Depending on how many people you want to invite, virtually anywhere you can keep engagement party, solely dependent on the location of the organizer. In order to choose the perfect venue, make sure you note the atmosphere that you want to convert. If the point is to have everyone in one place at a time, you might wonder if you hire a private room in a restaurant or bar. If you want a little more intimate and easier, the house, the backyard, or a vacation home a good choice.

Who fits invite?It is often said that no one should be called a non-engagement party, he will not be invited to the wedding - the topic is closed. But these days, when a couple lives a lot - and keep his wedding - far from the place where family and friends live, loose rules of engagement parties. The expectations have changed, so the party is a lot of people invited to the wedding were then notHowever, if two of you, or your parents are the hosts, the old rule applies. When the host sends out invitations, your guests may think that the wedding is sure to be called, as it is a formal part of the wedding celebration party. In order to avoid embarrassing situations, time begin to think about the wedding guest list. I'll shorten it to close family and friends, and we've got the list of invited guests engagement party.

What do I offer?You do not need a five-course menu, open bar. The bites of food in a family-style buffet anything out of place. Whether you are an outdoor cooking can be achieved if you are concerned.
What kind of clothes fit to wear?The absolute clothing sets and character of the party venue. Apart from the obvious things (do not wear long beaded evening dress with a solid open-air party), you stay so easy not to shine beyond the wedding day, but it was so special to stand out from the crowd! An outdoor party is perfect for a light summer dress, while a bit more formal evening with a simple cocktail dress is what you can not shoot it aside. What about the groom? I do not necessarily have to wear a suit, a tie (and clearly does not wear a tuxedo or dress suit!) - Unless the site does not require that - the point is that the couple celebrated as ye are consistent with the clothing.

I believe that at this moment you already know a lot more about the engagement party, and if they arise, feel free to go for it in the organization.

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