What to do, who hates weddings in the U.S.?

What to do, who hates weddings in the U.S.? Whether wedding photographer or organization!

Jennyfer W. Wedding Photographers in Dayton, OH so lament:

People are complicated, weird and selfish creatures. When the two of us for a lifetime, you want to swear eternal fidelity to life is raised to the top. It makes us better, and this can be good for each other, might be that good the rest of the world.

We create memories of lavish celebrations exceptional relationships. And the celebrations dedicated to photos, videos.

However, something is not right! Several weeks before the wedding the young couple have been nervous, hysterical bride in the wedding dress, the ceremony, the wedding party and guests due. The groom getting darker and paralysed with fear.
The wedding photographer and organizer working to reassure them. It is important that the best day of our lives really happy, delightful and memorable.

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I must say that many people over the job of wedding photographers to make the photos do not snarling beasts and catatonic wreck seen.

Peter H. in Cleveland, OH. Wedding photographers are familiar with Jennyfer and concerned. He writes.

Dear Jennyfer! Advise you to take a break for a while, because you can not complete the task. Be quiet, you too can be happy with your work. Understand that your wedding photography is not about you, but the young couple big date!