Nature photographers

Nature photographers will be the wedding photographer? This is really interesting!
Philipp K. writes from Des Moines, IA. To me, Ohio and Florida is one of the best wedding photographers destination. I'm a professional photographer for more than 15 years, and weddings I photographed several states and two countries.

Beside me, working with a small group of photographers, holds a master photographer and photographic principles. Professional Photographers of America.

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Surprisingly fun and amazing experience was when I made pictures Vivianne and Peter P. wedding, Charlotte, NC. In nature, taking pictures of the bride and groom wish. A small forest, I photographed near a lake when the lake gulls flew up behind the couple.

Well done to the bride and groom, but the background of the rising sea gulls flight fantastic, beautiful vision.
The water sparkled all glistening in the light.  

A stunning image of one, but I felt the beauty of nature photography. It was only after all the wedding photography to me suggest that the natural environment is beautiful. Of course, you have to select the right environment, the bride and groom's range of operation.