Never say it's over! A wedding photographer US's testimony, he returned to his profession.

Laurence L. several years professional wedding photographer in Atlanta, GA. His testimony follows:

Surely I am 17 years of wedding photography. I felt tired, burned out, I'm tired. Therefore, the dizzy into nature photography, charming and really enjoyed it. After a while, however, I had to acknowledge that it is my world of wedding photography. Can not forget that nature photography is not possible to make a living.

As for me, convincing element of the wedding ceremony, which sets the mood for your special day - the lights, the music, the atmosphere. You'll spend months preparing, designing, and creating a moment when you finally say "I do." Do not let anything be forgotten in the excitement of the hour, artfully capture the details.

So, I returned to my original profession, I mean, and I really like it.

Blogger's comment: Everyone needs to relax sometimes. Nature photography is a very nice hobby.