Another wedding movie in the U.S., this time to Charlotte from NY.

Robert H. Chalotte in, NY are now professional wedding film.

After nearly ten years now professional film making. Following the work of recognized experts working in the field of technology development and live my daily life. During the day a creative middle school students in the lectures, post-production, image editing and multimedia topics. In the afternoons and on weekends I make movies. I am considering my graduate film and multimedia development specialist. The studies began in 2004, a film production course where the necessary technical basics mastered. He later became a contractor. I worked mostly at weddings.

In the event the person can feel really, really good feeling to work in full of happy people! In practice many of the skills were added to the knowledge which is necessary for the preparation of high-quality materials. The study television production courses I have extended the college, while I was playing a lot of my free time and I've read a lot about the filming. I worked little less television channels as well.

Basically a creative team lead. Constantly evolve and learn. As a result, we can prepare my team to correct the current trend in films, composed of highly talented people.
Facing lovely wedding couples if you find it interesting in our services, look for us! We can help! We do our best to prepare for high-quality film your wedding date!

Blogger's comment: Good luck lovely new colleague! Difficult terrain chosen.