Hen or stag party

Hen or stag party, organization, or both. Amanda P. organizer and wedding photography advice:

Amanda P. in Cincinnati, OH. knows everything about the organization of the wedding.

Dear brides and grooms start at the beginning! The following is the situation: one girlfriend asked me to marry. What is next? Of course, a complex and difficult process of wedding planning.

Bachelorette Party_Games1. However, I decided to give him a little blow out ourselves and ourselves before venturing into such an important event in the planning and orchestrating a row we water fun. This would be organizing a hen party. It sounds simple because it is. If the things listed below keep in mind, I'm sure that one of the best night of your life, experience the night with the girls. W.Detroit Clare, MI wedding so I organized a prepare.

First question: Who holds?Basically, anyone can organize a bachelorette party. Most often, the bridesmaids are responsible for the organization, since they are the ones who are closest to the bride. But apart from anyone practicability of the gathering, be it a friend, cousin, or colleague.

Second question: Is the guest list.Those who participate in the bacherolett party not necessarily required to invite to the wedding. Although common to see guests at the bachelorette party for the bride's best and closest girlfriends, so they most likely will also be present at the wedding. Of course this does not mean that women should not I call you colleagues or neighbors who have a more limited range of wedding does not necessarily have to be present. The key is to be honest with them about the limited number of guests. This will avoid future embarrassing situations - and no one will feel the least that has been left behind on something. For the hen is not some huge party with the whole population should be considered, so the number 20 in any event, be more or less than 10 people, is the most ideal.

Third question: Are.Definitely something to forget the night before the wedding, the only working (or not even there) in the movies. The last thing the bride on the big day needs is a hearty hangover. I will be quite excited, so it's better because of a sickness you do not have to break your head. The most ideal to keep at least 2-3 days before the wedding bachelorette party.

Fourth question: Is the organization.Whether you are a single man can organize the whole event, but a team can work together (such as. Bridesmaids). In many cases, the main organizer appointed meghívottaktól collects a small fee to cover any expenses. Of course, the bride can not be accommodated in the costs, in general, the party itself is only at the last moment, he learns. Pay attention to when you just can not, be kind to all guests and do not try to get high on cost. Furthermore, it is highly important to keep your bride's style and habit of mind.

Fifth question: Entertainment.When one hears the word hen, mostly a bunch of giggling girls becsípetten comes to mind, who pulled the other one from the bar to the bride, "face to face" an elaborate Chippendale-bodied guy, and awkward positions are taken so casually. Well, not only is it a way of celebration. Pleasant entertainment for a relaxing dinner at a local restaurant or someone's home, a cozy evening at a dance, or a concert (if Coldplay just in town ...) The list is actually endless. The bottom line is that you play the fool, loosen, at least a little relaxation can heed the bride.

Sixth question: Gifts.A bachelorette party is not a birthday - the gifts are not mandatory. Although this is a perfect opportunity to the visitors faovur funny and a bit silly or even sexy little things with the bride. The possibilities are endless, the point in any case is that all participants have fun and a night complete with which the bride all remember his life.

Blogger comments: next time tell us about the organization of the bachelor party, too! I am very interested as any prospective groom.