"The beauty of wedding photography is that it breaks the transience of the moment."

This Catherine S. says that Seattle, WA was alive;

In 1988, I was born in Spokane in WA, I live in Seattle and work as a freelance photographer. In 2008, it was performed as a staff photographer, where I had the pleasure to get to know the different orientations of photography such as landscape photography, fashion photography, photography object or nude photography.
In addition, I learned the basics of digital post-production as well. During the two years I spent there I took part in various photo competitions. By this time I was sure that photography is more than a hobby for me, it became a passion. I have worked as a wedding photographer in Portland, OR. Phoenix, AZ, Spartanburg, SC, and a number of smaller communities.

Every area of ​​the photo you are interested to the company, even though people shooting is the closest to me. Initially as a private person taking pictures of children, young couples, and over time, this task has become my profession. The first wedding shoot my dire fear and excitement filled me. I knew that for the engaged couple, one of the most important day of his life capturing me, that means responsibility.
The wedding photos over the years there will be lurking in one drawer, and although it may be dull, but it clearly is returned to the atmosphere and events of the day. Since then, many years have gone by, but as a wedding photographer is still excited every day with great love, where my creativity, my youthful vigor, directness of my endeavor to make your wedding photos are such as he had dreamed.

I consider that my photographs reflect everything is happiness, excitement, joy and bustle of what the bride and groom, or the parents' joy they experience on their wedding day. Possibly I'm already there at the beginning of the wedding day, and getting ready to record that, how is an ordinary girl into a wonderful bride and quick-change in delightful wife and her new cover of night.

Blogger's comment: My dear young friend! I wish you all, keep your enthusiasm and love for a long, long time!