Hooray, summer is so beautiful wedding photography in the USA!

Ruth R. professional wedding photographer in Atlanta, GA from reviews:

The south is less dramatic than in the north, but it is just as beautiful. The foliage sweeps over the low hills, where the bleak winter and the middle of soft drink spring alight with the glory of the summer, which is amazing as New York City, North Carolina offers a variety of things, which is really awesome - so one of the great place for a summer wedding.

Known wedding photographers Wolfgang B. made a name for itself by consistently producing creative images that exceed the standards of different customers. The thirty years of experience in weddings adopted six continents, gathered her unique brand of wedding photography to a global audience.

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He says while it is true that the mission: to create a lasting visual of a beautiful and memorable wedding in a unique way, and producing remarkable images young couple to cherish these memories for a lifetime.

Recently, the team led the way to the south hills of North Carolina to cover a wedding Davidson, a beautiful college town, just north of the city of Charlotte. Instead of staying in the city, the team headed to the picturesque Lake Norman region, often referred to as "inland seas of North Carolina." I have a feeling that part of the country that all its own, unique and perfect hospitality and beauty.

Nice summer day for the wedding and the wedding photo shoot in the U.S..