America's first, I was more than 20 years ago. Texas, I go to the festival and all the kids that dressed as Cowboys, he said. On the surface, "in Ukraine, taking pictures of children, this memory returned and I decided to go to Texas. Then," the public image of the American cowboy icon is a popular icon. However, a particular style of work, Wataya, the lines between the implicit and explicit, and lets the viewer decide how, or relating to the case for everyone, all ket.Tat Attribution-American man, and when the money order Wataya to simulate the images, but their approaches to the topic chosen ...

"I am interested in immediate and modest idea of the picture, even in Japan, as a photographer, I think, is closer to the ideal image of the cowboy," he said. This is the only way to their goal: "I do not want that comparison (other photographers), this is not what I want," What is a quiet gem of a collection of images. Rodeo light, noise, strong smells, and is a great experience. All these things seem to disappear and what remains of the flash light and bright colors. The face is blurred, the American man in the United States flag and the only recommendation Budweiser advertising.

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