Experts see the tennis historian Bud Collins asked.

Judicial and other print and online, we see him at work, and everywhere, and they know that the photographer, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are. However, very little is known about the photographer's pictures of the court of the players and the players want to think about.

Converge faster than the U.S. Open to capture images and stories will never be heard, the best photo will be careful.

What are you doing?

I do not want to fall behind Andy Murray, Andy Murray lost photos regularly, despite the fact that hundreds of people are sad. 60,000 cameras, lenses, tripods and other equipment is dollars. Charleston Har-Tru courts and green chairs for people to sit down at his shoes, the rest of the pictures mud and shadows creep over Arthur Ashe Stadium ...

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But I can not see the player or the photographer, not the courts, we will have a place of comfort. Independent newspapers and corporate clients, agencies, photography, competitions, players and staff.

The Russ Adams, 82, was named Sports FamePulitzer Award, and the International Tennis Hall of more than 1.6 million images photographers, professional photographers, and decorated with the judiciary has developed a code of conduct. Adams almost 60 years ago started the fire. Hazel Wightman gave the advice at the beginning of Tennis, Ilie Nastase him, Adams Philippe Chatrier and Billie Jean King, Rod Laver, he lost a bet with a friend's friend. The last tournament in 2002, which Adams, and people have to travel, history, and were willing to save for future reference. But not all strawberries and cream and sparkle ..