As I see it, there is no chance of ever being replaced by video, if road works are presented. In other words, there will always be able to immediately select one or more periods. You can change your way of seizing this moment. Assuming that you are doing street photography and interesting insight into the development stage in front of the Manhattan streets. I have a camera in hand to shoot a three-second video 60FPS, and 180 at the end of the file material quality of the files of the current account of the high-end camera Stills.

Using a computer will scan through them smoothly to the optimization process should be presented as the final product. Then you decide to work that way or is the current method of recording more than a picture? Time is not the only parameter of the photography, the technology will eventually allow you to select the scene. Lytro camera of choice is an example of the depth of field, having been arrested, and in the future is certainly smaller and less elegant solution. Imagine style camera phone, the camera lens / sensor is built into a small corner of the Micro 4/3 cm in the future, certain lenses.

Most interchangeable lenses to capture the image sensor (video), the picture quality of the camera lens is a high, medium and small sensor provides detailed information on computer processing, such as double our eyes to our brains, so this information ....

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With this information, and sufficient processing power, depth of field will be determined after the shooting, and high-performance software such as Alien Skin Bokeh 2 allows you to customize it to any number of obscure and rare piece of expensive technology tortenelem.Vegul a glass, where you can choose any - time, deep in the exposure, shutter speed and other parts after the fact. In short, the ability to capture the right image will have a limited supply. The photographers chosen to limit itself to the shape will be similar to manually select the focus these days deliberately avoiding the critical skills * enjoy the process. I personally like the snapshot process is outdated, it was decided. However, photography is mainly of natural materials and the ability to choose the right time in the water, it is too strong in some form of photographic materials.