Pro Artist Group, the organization of the artist more than 75 years of collective experience in the fashion industry held a series of summer camp called Camp Fashion project to share experience for those interested in learning or who want to enter the fashion industry. Students who enroll and follow up in detail in the fashion industry and meet the high profile speakers in the world of fashion. Fashion project camp will be held separately on three occasions during the summer 2012th Camps are open to students ages 13 and $ 500 for starting the school.

Proceeds from the camp benefit the American Cancer Society. Those interested in following the camp, sign up for the American Cancer  that the beneficiary is the fashion in these camps, "said Mary Clark, regional vice president of the American Cancer Society." We hope that these students learn that this is the style to wear sunscreen, maintain a healthy weight and not smoking, only three factors in making this a world more and more small Birthdays cancer. "Fields of study in the program include fashion styling, hair and makeup, style, and Boot Camp photography model.

Besides taking part in the seminars, students meet and join a new industry expert every day, and participate in mock photo shoots. These guest speakers will give students insider tips and share their experiences working in the industry. Some industry professionals who visit the camp among the agencies, project fashion, magazine editors, boutique owners, television personalities, fashion designers and so on ...

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