A proud new wedding photographer, now of Cincinnati, OH

Emil B. describes Cincinnati, OH

I would like to tell about how I do not like wedding clich├ęs, especially when it comes to photos, and how he was able to avoid the pitfall by choosing a cliche wedding day bliss wedding photography.

However, photo fun, especially to see where the bride and groom do not act like there was a camera there, and they were laughing - and it looked nice, and he looked happy, I mean really happy. I knew it was much closer to what I wanted. I found such a beautiful and happy couple, Houston, TX. Emily P. and Peter W. Wedding, Houston, TX.

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They are designed for the three years since their wedding. Now it's my turn to plan the wedding. When it came time to be a photographer, I immediately remembered the wonderful photo. I lived in San Francisco at the time, and a day of happiness in New York City, but the distance does not matter, I was able to make the best choice for me ...

The groom enthusiastically told me: When you know you'll be our photographer, I was happy. So understanding and told me that likes to be able to capture the wedding. I was very impressed.
When I look back on my wedding day, I can not help but smile. I do not walk down the aisle in a wedding march. And thanks to Emil and happiness one day, we have demonstrated incredible images.

Internationally acclaimed photographer brings unique talents wedding photo journalism in New York and around the world. Professional wedding photojournalism that every story is an unforgettable event.

Blogger comment: Emil congratulations. Hope all wedding photography is such a successful and memorable.