The kitsch wedding photography or art, in the U.S.?

Arnold B. Boston, MS writes to me:

I do not understand this discussion.
The wedding photography has been not about to click template to the young couple. It is our duty to give you a memorable, fun experience. The joy of photography to deliver and receive. The modern wedding photography with a special mission. Capture the big day, adapted to the specific needs of the customer's style, merged back into the wedding photography uniqueness of the technology were limitless. The wedding photographer has to be resolved correctly and unrepeatable task. It does not happen as only appropriate humility and dedication towards the job.Reinvents himself among the worst light conditions, and master techniques fast and tireless in his hand.
Wedding photographer of our time dedicated technical arsenal available. I have a Canon EOS 1 and 5-series digital tumbling in love, but also for professional use wide-angle to telephoto optics.

He strive to fully meet the expectations described above, we learn, because there's always something.The genre of wedding photography - a bit more freely.

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 Jennifer C. and Paul B. wedding photos taken recently, in Des Moines, IA. Now convinced that the wedding photography is perhaps the most complex genre of photography, at least when scholars in an attempt to get more photography option to live in his work. It recognized and sought after wedding photographers is now only possible if all branches of photography known, and their experience can be used as required.

Laura K. and David E. Nashville, TN wedding was really great. They have applied for the new.Traditional wedding photos have been adjusted and they called their creative photographers. The results of this style of portrait photography and fashion photography and new professional skills may be. A creative wedding images similar purpose, as is generally the portraits: the selected image should depict the person under observation and the most favorable moment. The wedding pictures, of course, even more dynamic than the other for portraits when taking a picture set. The environment and the lights should highlight the character models. The customer may also have requirements that the wedding photographer will only be able to provide if fully aware of the glamor photography techniques as well.

The second line of wedding photography reportage of events like taking photos. This style of documentary photography tradition influenced. This had to be used Teresa Sh. and Ashly K. the wedding photography of Houston, TX was.20th Case. photojournalist second half became more common for the wedding photography new opportunities to show. The events are important - or just pre-arranged inspirited - moments from the history of the whole day to assemble. The photographer is such a fundamentally dournaifferent work than when he made the scenes set pictures also directed.

Well! I do not understand why the art or kitsch discussion. Irresponsible question.