Pros and cons, photojournalism and studio photography in the U.S.?

Albin B. In Spokane, W now provides wedding photographers.

I was almost a child when I found out in time, something known as photojournalism true, real visuals. Instead of a set of pre-determined poses and forced smiles, the photos really told the whole story.

Sister, Victoria P. and her fiance's wedding Pittsbugh, PA was held in a photo that captivated. In particular, to see where the bride and groom do not act like there was a camera there, and they were laughing - and it looked nice, and he looked happy, I mean really happy. I knew it was much closer to what I wanted. I decided I would be such a wedding photographer.

Rapidly in the past three years and now it's my turn to plan the wedding. When it came time to be a photographer, I immediately remembered the wonderful photo. I lived in San Francisco at the time, and a day of happiness in the New York City, but the distance does not matter, I knew that the best choice for me ...

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When I talk to many successful wedding photographers I was sure Albany, NY, from Savannah, GA, to. I'm not a studio shoot, but shoot photjournalist choose.

You can have a real understanding and love, is able to capture the wedding. I have always been impressed with pleasure.