Green Wedding. Friends of Nature, a real friend?

Alex K. writes to me from Chicago, IL.

Think "green wedding" Think again.Now I had the pleasure of environmentally friendly wedding photography, Kansas City. Barbara W. and Kevin D. happy green wedding held in good faith.

I do not expect you to be against the war, the venue, if not low-flow toilets, but all of us to help the earth - and you can do it without sacrificing your budget, your vision or your sanity. Refer to walk without the tips going green in the hallway of the paper dress (yes, the wedding dress made of paper).

The StationeryEvery year millions of trees toppled, the paper products, and the process of producing such items contaminates the environment. Now more and more couples are trying to help by making eco-conscious decisions invitation. Although e-mail is great for the fast, convenient message, I do not think it's quite formal weddings. Therefore we do not recommend sending invites for. (Plus, older people can not e-mail, so you will not get the Evite). Send thank you cards is not a good idea, or - best of handwritten records show that we thank you gifts. The simple paper-saving solution: Instead of using two envelopes, one inside and one outside, opt for a single. Take it a step further is made from recycled paper products. Try 100 percent recycled paper.

The Flowers.Blooms in an environmentally friendly, does not it? Wrong! Many farmers douse flowers chemicals to keep insects at bay. The pesticides kill soil organic matter, which is necessary to maintain a healthy and productive. We've even caused disease in workers who handle them. Plus, most cut flowers from abroad, and shipping of the flowers increases fuel consumption and pollution. Walk down the aisle sans bow and leave bare reception desks - or decorate them things back home after the wedding, like candles. Go out-of-season blooms, it will be delivered. Instead, look for seasonal flowers right in your own state. If you have your heart set on a flower that is not in season and seasonal replica will not, look for flowers that are VeriFlora certified. This means that the bloom is not drenched in chemicals or grown under harsh working conditions. Another eco-friendly option to choose blooms or potted plants centerpieces.This way, you can take them home and replant them after the wedding. You DIYers, you craft boutonnieres and bouquets of paper ( is easily sets). Bonus points if you can find paper that is made from postconsumer products ...

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The Catering.

Food is the center of celebration, but the trees must be cut down to make room for livestock who later slaughtered meat. A three-course meal only organic produce and vegan cake. Organic foods are usually more expensive, so if they're not included in the budget, it may not be possible. You might not want to eat vegan, which means no dairy, eggs, of course, no meat. So how can a dinner be green? Find a caterer who uses locally grown foods. If you purchased directly from producers, need less time for food in the fridge and stays fresh for less packaging. The result will create less trash and less electricity is used. And since food from a shorter distance, less fuel is needed to transport. The baker can use locally produced eggs and milk cakes. Another tip: Choose the season produce. If you have a winter wedding, do not serve summer favorites such as eggplant and zucchini, which must be grown in a greenhouse.

If you really want environmentally friendly, green wedding, you will find special wedding organizers in Illinois, but in different states of US.