Spring wedding photography in Washington, DC. Joy.

Andrew McG. (New York, NY), soul singer writes for me, the first spring of wedding photography.

Charlene B. and Robert G. wedding taking pictures and filming part of Washington ...

Bells, Wagner's wedding march echoing through the streets of Washington, and the smell of freshly cut flowers fills the air.
Brides are looking for something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, or just something special to your wedding day that much more special. After a long winter, spring delight the young lovers.
The air is warmer, the gardens filled with flowers and people begin to see the world with confidence. The wedding season has begun ...

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Blogger's Note: Luckily, arrived in the spring, but deplorable unfortunately all the wedding was canceled because of the catastrophic storms in the U.S. Midwest (Oregon, Wyoming, Nevada).