Aggressive wedding photographers in the U.S. have?

Katherine G. I write as a bride in Jacksonville, Fl

It is so obvious that the couple who were getting married expectations of wedding photography, the cd. But all wedding photographers know exactly what is expected of the couple?
This is perfectly fine if you do not understand what the guests present at the wedding, but if you are not comfortable with the new bride and groom, you will never be able to the best and the expected results.

Arrogance of the top wedding photographers often neglect this aspect of knowing your audience. If the wedding photographers to have regard to the proper communication with the pair, you will be able to know what is actually waiting for the couple. Pre-wedding meeting discussion would be a great opportunity to reflect on the couple and the wedding photographer ...

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Arnold E. in Kansas City, KS.

First of all, the wedding photographer must take a pleasant atmosphere when the couple visits. The question most frequently asked of the top wedding photographers to visit a few other photographers, before you visit them? If so, what do they expect them to be special? The questions asked in a very professional way that things get serious and the conclusion as soon as possible.

In this case, the couple did not feel that the forced wedding photographer, you develop a good friendship.