Moto wedding fashion again in the U.S.. Do you?

Ernest F. From Buffalo, NY, professional wedding photographer and organizer writes to me.

In my experience, once again became the fashion riding and more women are also passionate biker. A motorized society is becoming an independent social stratum, as more and more restaurants, hotels specialize in them, give significant discounts when entering the engine.
It is natural that the wedding will be held motor-bikers. If the bride-to-fan engine, the white wedding dress is not compulsory, it is safe to be replaced lederhosen. The veil should be fixed specifically to avoid the wind blows. The witnesses did not suit, but stretching leather outfit authenticate "yes" declaration of.

Charlene G. and Thomas R. so arranged wedding in Las Vegas, NV.

I saw a very strange feel to the wedding that the guests are not rose petals to greet the young couple at the end of the ceremony, but moto's bellow. A welcome gift for no reason pink is dominant, and during the civil wedding a little rock music soundtrack is normal. The pictures are cozy and exciting. In any rider feel like to do the same wedding ....

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Shared bridal bouquet that includes the wedding.

First, Samantha G. and Robert T. I saw her wedding, in Columbus, OH.

A wedding is one of the highlights of the bridal bouquet is dropped.
There is not yet married, single girl who has just come to the wedding to get to the wedding bouquet.
Practical throwing a bunch of sharing. Such a split bouquet is always a great success, not only because she is a husband get married hope for next year, but three, four disintegrates there are lots of flying bouquet.

We laughed a lot because of the result. Very fun event.