Help, kidnapped the bride Minneapolis MN.

Very shocking incident writes Peter B. From Nashville, TN.

Wedding photographer for hundreds of weddings I attended, I can say, I have a great experience.

However, such was not the case. Emily and Robert in Minneapolis happily made ​​for the big day. We talked about everything in advance, what, where and how they will be shooting. Prior to the photography studio you are done. The couple was happy and pretty happy waiting for the most beautiful day of my life ...

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Unfortunately, the day was surprising and outrageous results.

Emily has been put on her wedding dress, eagerly awaited, but two hours before the wedding was simply gone. Neither relatives nor the groom or the guests or her friends do not know where she is.
To be sure, not voluntarily escaped. Just might be kidnapped.

It's gone, look, particularly Robert groom, the bride, who happily made ​​for the big day.

Blogger's comment: This is a mystery story from Minneapolis. I can not imagine what happened.
I wonder what will be the solution.