Amateur or a professional wedding photographers.

My old friend, Stephen W. in Florida says.

The amateur photographer friendship undertake the work. In contrast, the professional wedding photographer with a partner or assistant professional at least three come to the wedding, six, eight optics. From Flash and other supplements also carried a small suitcase. Memory, notebooks, and all the important things that need to save the data. Of course, cards are twice as much as it consumes an average wedding.

Maximum professionally prepared as specialized ...

He knows what he's doing! Invents himself in any situation, whatever is serious. (This, I could tell about lessons)
Perhaps most importantly, consciously working with maximum responsibility!

Elisabeth B. and David O. wedding happened, in Miami. When taking photos with friends, at home and lost just downloaded pictures from your computer. But think about what happens if you format the card are completely random before you download. Or a broken amicamera, and of course no other than him. In this case, what do you say to the couple? I apologize.

So this is not a game! For a lifetime, you will look at these pictures. Before you decide on your wedding day is that it somehow managed to quite an amateur work. Or, while not free, or minimal money, but respect the normal fee, but do you want to take pictures of profits, whom you know, what to expect and what you get, because you've seen his work, and one lime.

I do not really have to think about which one is the right decision.
I hope a little bit to think about, my bride and groom.

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