Royal Wedding some problems shooting.

Professional photographer in the absence of photographic evidence of good family life can not be credible image. Some artists will be made and none of them were works of art as well as a measure of AJ English Photographer.

    S. commander and angular in appearance, but not in a sense. J. says his work is introduced in the desire of the inner life "of the company" and built a robust career decisions pictures with her ​​celebrity (and royal) look-alikes.

    "I think the photos show the private side, or what may be the public face of the private part of the royal family, of course, we do not know because they have never been allowed," he said. "They are absolutely right to keep the public's face." The last piece was shortly before Christmas, when he appeared on stage photos of Will and Kate look-alikes celebrate a quiet Christmas at home watching the address of the Queen of Christmas gifts unpacking, poppers traction. But I try very hard to imagine what to do, and create new images, which are very popular on the Internet. '

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