Do not like the wedding photos.

Your wedding photography is not about a long time ago that template to the young couple. Our duty is an unforgettable, fun experience to be. Give and receive the joy of photography. In today's wedding photography is a special mission. Capture the big day, unique style, adapted to the customer's needs, merged back into the uniqueness of the wedding photographer, the technique was limitless ...

The wedding photographer is unique and unrepeatable task to be solved correctly. Otherwise it does not work, just and proper dedication towards the task with humility ...

This mission is only suitable for a wedding photographer who has a passion for his work, who you should be good from the screens in the mud, and not afraid to climb trees. Invents itself in the worst light conditions, and in the hands of the lord of the technique, rapid and relentless.

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Charlotte B. in Florida complaining. Completely messed up my photos of the wedding photographer. Drunk, dazed or drog appeared in one picture was not appealing. The luck that made ​​the guests photos and videos. But of course, they are not professional work.

Obviously, these are not professional photographers, a disgrace to his profession. A wedding moment is not reproduced. No payment for the work, it has to be asked, even beyond that of compensation to be paid.

The case is unique, not really. Conclusion: carefully choose with whom you make a contract.