Wedding photographers, as opposed to over the video?

Detour into the world of moviemaking.

My old friend, Stephen W. says: Well, there is no question that I will ever catch a video camera in my hand. Even the children's home video with'm in trouble. I admit, however, that wedding photography is unthinkable without the video in the U.S.. This is natural. The video record of the event in the process, while the photographer is responsible for capturing the most beautiful moments.

Wedding photographer and many times, and many types of video or video high colleagues said worked. Most of the time we work well together, but there are some things that you do not like. The smallest sin that has been committed in my practice during the video.
Julia A. and James K. of Oklahoma City at the wedding:The dress. What I can not it cool, comfortable and easy, but you never see me light colors. When in church colleagues in the video, neon-colored T-shirt lights up next to the altar to say the least, is repugnant, not to mention that I also sometimes get into the picture, and not a pretty sight. You will not be re-touched.When said. Well, it did not explain further, because it does not do the same thing. Not interfere with his work, but it's mine say nothing to nobody.

Terrible, when the video is late for church, and try to put together the gear clatter. This is what happened in Detroit Mon Mary wedding. I thought this can not be larger sin. But I was wrong. This could also enhance a dear colleague ...

New York Fri Debrah and Peter C. wedding, the couple behind the temple, place a fixed camera, which is then included in each picture.Then it has to be enhanced when it is set to the bride, the groom and the priest shall include, in particular can take to get a ring pull. I think the camera is switched macro, because inconceivable to me that a sensible composition can squeeze in this situation.

Why I wrote all this down?

Very important thing is that we are well aware of the video and photographic work. Both men are a product should be provided, because that's why they are called upon. Common interest, to carry out the work correctly, so everything should be done, but do not obstruct each other, rather than helping. Very nice to work with any ideas to help each other, because you have the same idea can be the photographer and the video can be high, and if we can raise the quality of our work, you can do it, because everyone is on the right.
I know it could be a videographer, wedding photos a lot like to tell stories. I'm not one of those! I think that we need to work together, so the young couple.

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