Infants and mothers initiated Photographers Donside professionals affiliated third year in charge of the Company Wedding and portrait photographers.
Diana Smith, who is the owner and operator of Tiny Prints Lamsden six young children, and inspired him to re-educate parents and baby supplies caused yorkshire photograph.
Diana received special training in safety and the long experience of the needs and challenges of children's photos.

This shows that a number of awards for his paintings. Last year, he won the Gold Award for a series of social and judges of prices in international competition.
Photographers SWPP worker is described as "an impressive image makers and smart business people", and 10% in the hands of professionals.

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Diana said: "I am very proud to be a associate member, it means a lot of hard work and training paid.
"I am delighted to be able to photograph children in the middle of looking at each other, and not just take a picture of the child, the photographers do not like to work in the United States.
"I think that the work of parents of infants and very useful.
"The Book of hearing parents, pregnancy, pregnant, and create time to shoot when the child is born. Sessions in a relaxed and informal, no time limits.
"This is a great way to remember the first days of a newborn baby, a move, which often blur - 2013 fills up fast!
2013 Diana plan a trip to London in July for the further development of the child, as a group of American children photography art photography has revolutionized the modern child and anakainismeno.r.