Review of the past year.

For me, again, many lessons, many new measuring a fantastic adventure with a wonderful bride and groom ended the year with.

  Briefly, and, of course, not exhaustive.

 Our shooting range, airport, boat, luxury hotel, Chinese restaurant, lots of new and old favorite venue. I photographed standing in a river and climbing on rooftops. We shoot a special costume (medieval), a wedding, a true Texas rodeo show. Unfortunately, California is a blimp photography almost ended in tragedy.

 We have worked together with great ceremony masters, bands, video makers, but, of course, and we saw very untalented providers. You can see that this market is only for professional service providers to remain. I think any provider who is the wedding industry does its job well.

 I saw my beautiful decor. Mary G. in Alaska wedding ice sculpture was a masterpiece of composition.

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The beautiful veil was done last year, Agatha C. awesome, 8-foot veil.

Bands are usually pros were, therefore, not to classify them. In fact it was specifically between professional grooms, but they are generally more difficult to control.

Video problem was much less: only reason for this may be that it was all very good colleagues, I have learned a lot from them.