Bride, believe me. In my previous life, a wedding photographer - I shot about 100 weddings - I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let me help you.

Tis the season to prepare for the wedding. Shows, wedding fashion, and recently pledged to help the selected venues, photographers and florists.I worked in the temple complex of hundreds of wedding guests, just a ceremony on the beach.Some incidents I-Day behind the camera observes:Lobster Menyaazony. During the session, before the big day it makes sense to look tan.The straps are tacky tan lines. And pay attention to how long the school. White dresses and suits a bad sunburn. For those who are dear to the cost of installation, and photo retouching.Let me give you lobster Bride. In preparation for her wedding on the beach, the bride on the day before and the eternal sleep Chagrin. Behind the white streaks were present in the bathing suit, red if you do not like ticks.
 Make-up overload. Do not overdo the foundation.While everyone screams wedding. The tear-streaked makeup is worse than no makeup at all. The bride was. Freckles Airbrush Professional Makeup Artist sees, but he entered the stream of tears
To shake, Step Out in Heels. Almost every wedding I photographed by stirring finished tie behind the bride after the ceremony and before the reception.

Usually the person in the hustle and bustle of the costume, learned first-hand, but ju This person also, when the time comes. The train more people, and in order to stay.
And if you are not used to walking in high heels, practice, or choose a different shoe. In any case, I have a spare pair. The short marriage, there are the 4 corners, almost feel sorry for the choice of the corridor.

Shiny Happy People.  Even blotting paper. The nerves, or perhaps only time, but a lot of welding Wedding Day. These fabrics to absorb the oil in the face of good images. Those guys. In fact, there is an image editor to save me later.

The Safety Dance.  Pine is a wonderful invention. Make sure you exercise belt and hems.I've seen almost every accident can imagine cabinet. Most importantly, he finishes Mamie's longest race of the wedding dance floor, punched her skirt when you shimmy.  First of all, let's not forget the basics: Who is the one who is on the altar, and commitment. Things together, but as long as there is another, everything will be fine.

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