In order to learn photographing weddings in the U.S. as well.

What's this all about, and what does this mean? Happened sometime towards the end of last year, it is also a personal and professional esteemed colleague, Stephen W. started a process, which is not usual among wedding photographers. Theoretical and practical course held in Portland, Oregon, colleagues who think they want to change.

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Willing to learn, willing to do what has always been in dire need of the profession: the pool of information and experience, friendship. Privacy and envy rather than a lot of preparatory work, both in theory and in practice, we have assembled a very useful curricula. It should be pressed into the head. Of course it does not hurt, but she opened her eyes closed. Why the plural? Because I know that was very useful not only for me but for those colleagues with whom I've worn outfits are friends, a wedding photographer who stick together, problems and successes. Share ideas, help each other, and we see differently. Daily contact between us. I think the right way.

What's going to happen in the next year? It is expected an exciting year will. The wedding has been dedicated and exciting look. The creative places special places, but it will be when finished. We will not be bored, that's for sure. We are learning and developing ourselves.The bride and groom to one, and of the friends, acquaintances and friends who are in the wedding photography service. But it's not!

What is the problem?

A friend at the wedding is not going to work, but also to celebrate the big day with friends.
When shooting, you certainly will not be able to leave a bit of fun as you want, whether for work or fun change. Or both, but the end result can be terrible. The two are very, very exclusive.Most likely, you are not technically prepared as a professional wedding photographer.

You may also go for a long time, and really only know that I am right, who has been frustrated.