Wedding Photography in New York in January.

Gloomy, cold January morning. Varied in the beautiful sunshine, rain, cold north wind. We started early in the morning in the studio. They came from co-workers, hairdressers, make-up artist, video.
The atmosphere is developed soon. Good mood even, Ida and Joseph, as if it had been made of the highest day. At least, it seemed from the outside, of course, is obviously excited. Everything went according to schedule and route of administration.

After a one-hour studio photography, we headed creatively, to more specific locations.
In such a cold a few minutes to fill out, a pleasant well-heated car.

Have you talked about this morning, we travel to the underground train.
The inspectors will always have a little grudge, at least for those who regularly use public transport. Of course we also met them, but a huge surprise, the great rigor rather than a bad attitude, humor, kindness, received in exchange for the tickets purchased.
My childhood dream was on the escalator, underground train, platform, taking pictures, and I'm satisfied.

 Matched by a routine handled the multitude of spectators, as if it were a normal everyday life. They did not live in the celebrity world, and even before the cameras were now seriously at first, but it did not seem a bit on them. This is a great way to thank their behavior.
After a short travel photography, the outdoors, but the cold wind could not have more than ten minutes bridal gown.

After that, a good atmosphere, cheerfulness throughout the night, thanks to the young people, a great people, a wedding, the excellent hospitality.
Conclusion: In the cold winter, snow, wind can be an intimate and memorable wedding photographs taken if the company happy and relaxed.

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