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Fhotoroom desaturation brush allows you to remove the background color.
The name can send shivers down your spine spell checkers everywhere, but Fhotorom, an image editor based on large touch screen that will show you how to make photo editing easy touch. It offers a wide selection of photo editing tools that let you crop, rotate, resize and photo sticker, and a brush editor that allows you to lighten, soften and darken parts of the image. The update extends the services offered, adding a brush handy to remove noise, sharpness and tools red-eye correction and a goal and a tool for panorama shooting improves neat perspective. The free version is only 3 megapixel images, while the pro update removes this limitation. There are also a number of colors trying to match different styles of film and media, such as silver-toned prints. The application of the clean interface for Windows 8 to provide a simple and intuitive for editing photos.

Sharp images and beautiful.

Built-in tablet better, but not the perfect camera. They can easily be confused with different types of lighting, the subjects against light, and many other scenarios difficult shooting. Thoroughly clean helps save 12 common problems with fire control automatically or manually do a lot to help the tablet seems better pictures, including fasteners exposure image sharpness and noise suppression and color. The filter corrects beautify skin tones, softens the skin, eyes and improve whiten teeth, all these filters can be applied individually, and all of a sudden. We especially liked the noise filter, which does a good job of removing noise images in low light conditions without too much detail. One of these features work wonders, but it can do a lot to have a bad image more presentable.

The images are displayed side by side before and after the correction, a neat slider that allows the entire image in both directions. This is a great way to judge the impact and decide whether you want to or not.

There are a few things missing, though: You can not enlarge the image, which is to see the results of noise is a bit heavy, and the interface is a bit difficult to use because it is not built as most applications of the tablet.

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