Global warming and climate change is a serious concern for all living creatures on earth .. and global warming was, in spite of all the countries of the contract and agree that global warming is a serious threat to humanity.

Therefore, the melting of glaciers around the world in an unprecedented way in the West, the United States, the Canadian tar sands Keystone pipeline political debate and storms will become the new standard in this country, one of the local can do anything to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and experiences ...

"It's not as easy as I originally thought," said Jack, black sky photography, wedding photographer located outside Binks Keith Hawk, North Carolina.

Individuals and small businesses, water black-and-white photographs, even if they may be less environmentally friendly option for long-term bonds, the product is positive for the environment. Little things like that you choose to use paper bags, plastic grocery negative, or better, get back to your own bag, you can make a difference.

15 or 30 miles to work, exactly the same thing at the end of the day, "says Planck." What baby steps. '
Recognized as one of the leading wedding photographers in the area.

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