New pictures of same-sex marriage as follows:

Gay marriage is legal in nine states. Gay marriage is becoming more frequent and more visible than ever. Gone are the days when wedding professionals to same-sex couples with customers. The only criterion for determining whether or not to take part in the cost gay-friendly wedding photographer average about $ 2300. Gay couples professionals. The high level of service, understanding and credibility, looking for a good investment, but the portraits of courtship and marriage, work with heterosexual couples and homosexual couples do not have.
Enter a revolutionary visual guide I love shooting photos of veteran wedding photographer Theodor eyes authentic and innovative wedding. A new book will have a little time for  at weddings, are authentic.

Love is an impressive 30-8 record, including photos wedding photographer presents 26 best pairs of gays and lesbians the same sex. In these examples - both offer unique wedding portrait and reverse the traditional wedding photos - and thus a detailed explanation of the authors of the book support for wedding photographers who need to use the traditional rules of engagement wedding portraits and more necessary to restart all markets little diversity of marriage today.

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Henry said that the selected images on three simple but important question: Is it true images? These images reflect intimacy? These pictures are original? Double - straight or gay - portraits of courtship and marriage to be "yes" to all three questions is yes, if you tell me. This combination of authenticity, intimacy and authenticity of each couple is different, and some large images of same-sex couples to record shows I like this photo wedding color can and should be.

Henry said advanced: Weddings are changing and teaches photography wedding photographer can be difficult, and made wedding portraits reflect the uniqueness of same-sex marriage, the couple hoped that planned down each photographer inspiration .. love is a kind of magic in the presence of all the wedding.