Creative wedding photography in the U.S., now of Portland, OR.

Rachel O. professional wedding photographer, not just in Oregon, but from Virginia, VA to Seattle, WA willingly engaged and wedding photography. He exclaims:

Dear Bride and Groom!

Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life, would you give it eternal fidelity to each other in front of people who matter most to you.

As time passes, the memories fade, but the best moments are preserved in the hearts of his vow case, the memory of the people, and of course some lovely gift treasured wedding photos in. Every minute of the day is about to show them to the world - you already belong together ...

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The wedding photography is my profession: I would like to present the authentic feelings of my pictures that brought you to the altar. Develop a relationship of trust between us, because if you trust me, then you know open up in front of the camera. If all this fails, then the wedding photos send your future, your children, grandchildren: that was our big day!

Successive events, ceremonies Every detail photojournalism preserve your style, the way you want. You spend on the wedding day, but I stay in the background, trying to catch all the joyful and touching moment. The goal is that at any time during paging through your wedding album over and over again thru the events.

I encourage you to look at my gallery, and if liked my pictures, or do you need any information, you can feel free to Contact me in one to look for.

Blogger's Note: She is very ambitious and hardworking. You can trust him.