The big question is: Why did you become wedding photographers in the U.S.. Who can understand it?

I asked professional wedding photographers from different parts of the United States, why chose that profession ....

Simon F. from Atlanta, GA said:

Most people (even in my line of work as well) avoids a challenge - but I enjoy situations that are constantly encouraged to always something new, some cases can present ideas. A wedding photograph just such a challenge for me, because just as no two weddings, two of the same couple or wedding party - this is why I consider the wedding photographers in my life and one of the most enjoyable of a positive challenge."

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Mila K. Cincinnati, OH writes of me:

I was a small child when I saw a fantastic wedding in Cleveland, OH.
 I felt that the person's life there are times where you feel cloud is absolutely fine ... an asset that which we deal with, we have an ambition feels to be on track and true companion is passed out ... Sometimes you just eyes and soul researching and storer of rarely flew ideas. When I became adult, so I started photographing weddings.

Jason B. from New Orleans, LA happy to answer:

I am a "full time wedding photographer. I love my job, and that alone is enough for me right inspiration - but there's also the pursuit of happiness is what I see couples face when you take your hands made ​​their wedding pictures to relive and admire your moments. It is also the responsibility and joy is what I love about wedding photography, so I chose this to challing "

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