USA wedding photographers who traveled all over the world. A happy couple's testimony.
Gabriel and Martha P. pleased to provide San Francisco, CA.

Hey! We Gabriel and Martha (With the Pleasure Studio). Slowly to 10 years to know each other. Our lives were not separately boring, but specifically with exciting and interesting. We met in New York, but San Diego, Florida finished our studies. After they parted professionally. Martha maternity and baby photographer is, I (Gabriel) and started working as a fashion photographer. A dear friend of ours contacted me with an undertaking to your wedding photography. After the request got to like this genre so much that it became meaningful lives, hobbies, everything.

We have the best job in the world! I travel a lot and we do and the way we love. We love taking pictures!
We use only the lights!
We love our job!
We love the arts!
We love the music!
We love to laugh!
We love the simplicity!
We love the naturalness!
We love the elegance!
Love the movie
We love weddings anywhere in the world!
We love our customers.

Martha:As a wife and mother as a practitioner I know how much hard work there is a well done family dinner, meeting friends or just behind the wedding. It is therefore important that you then and there, the man enthusiastically handing over to you for a happy minute. Our job is to change those memories forever. In my work I shoot mostly color. The wedding and family event snapshots under consider it important that the classical set photos can be prepared which are permanent decorations for the mantel, desk or even in your Christmas, wedding anniversary on again consider albums ...

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Gabriel:I'm a workaholic, an idealist, a perfectionist. I was four years old when my father gave me a camera. Family hobby was photography, to this day I remember the chemicals and enlargers distinctive smell. I do not use digital techniques, (if you do not have to). I work and I love movies! I love the simplicity of the film. This is the reason why this was left to eventually eclipsing. I have traveled a lot (I went all over the United States, Canada, Jamaica...) and almost every desire fulfilled in life. I'd say that my job is my life. My style is simple and elegant in my pictures I try for the moment to show emotion, so I'm trying to do anything to interfere with the settings, attitude.