Send to myself: I, Elliott G . in San Antonio, TX for every bride and groom.

Elliot G. wrote me an e-mail from San Antonio, TX. In his opinion, he's the best in Texas.

Every bride and groom! Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, give eternal fidelity to each other in front of the people who are most important to you.

As time passes, memories lose, but stay in the heart of the most beautiful moments in our case, the memory of the people, and of course some lovely gift treasured wedding photos every minute of the day is about to show the whole world that already belong together ...

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Your wedding photography is the profession I want to show the pictures of the authentic feelings brought to the altar. Need to develop a relationship of trust between us, because if you trust me, you open the front of the camera. If this fails, the next message for the wedding photos, it was a great day!

A good example is Trudy M. and Greg B. Wedding in Buffalo, NY. I'm looking at the wedding photos, really fantastic. The need to have at least one day a young couple spend.

Successive events, ceremonies every bit of photojournalism to keep the style as desired. You spend your wedding day, but I stay in the background, trying to catch the hilarious and touching moments. My goal is that at any time during the wedding album again and again to enjoy the scroll events.
I love to travel, so my team and I take anywhere photography or filming in the U.S.

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