Who would have thought? There are also happy wedding photographers in the U.S..

Laura Charlotte, NC, says:

Hey! We are Laura and Kevin from Charlotte, NC. We passed the "Bell Day Studio". Slowly five years to know each other. Our lives were not separately but together tedious especially exciting and interesting. We met in New York, but Florida finished our studies.

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After they parted professionally. I became Laura's mother and baby photographer, Kevin began working as a nature photographer. A dear friend of ours contacted me with an undertaking to your wedding photography. After the request got to like this genre so much that one point in our lives, hobbies, everything ...

We have the best job in the world!
We travel a lot, and what we do and how we love.
-We love to take pictures. We use only the lights! We love to art!
-We love good music! We love to laugh!
-We love the simplicity of this!
-We love the naturalness!
-I love the elegance!
-We love weddings anywhere in the world!
-We love our customers!

Blogger's comment: Dear Laura and Kevin! Love you all. But you want to?