Robert B. photographing a wedding photographer has produced astonishing jail in PA.

Robert B. professional wedding photographer in Philadelphia, PA, writes:

As promised, reports that Jordan made ​​wedding photography W. According to the mandate. His nine-year sentence in prison for tax evasion. It was his desire to hold a real wedding bride. Bride Sarah J. lives in Jackson, MS. But I would have undertaken in the prison wedding.

I, Robert B. I was confused. Be truly professional wedding photos in such circumstances? The matter is that the prison director, it allows you to shoot? It is obvious that only the prison chapel, but not in prison. There was a case when it was in San Francisco, CA for example.

After all, the prison commander left the wedding photo shoot, but only in the chapel. The Institute is a picture of one area could be made.

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A worthy wedding chapel decorated with flowers, festive music ....

Instead of beautiful and elegant bride dress, groom in tux prisoner uniforms exception.
The ceremony was just like anywhere. I made ​​the usual pictures under such conditions. The pictures do not seem to make the event prison.

However, I was very strange and chilling the environment. No celebrating the guest host, no relatives and friends. However, the young couple was so happy. Q: when will they meet again?