When is the wedding? In the spring, summer or fall? Which is the most beautiful season in the U.S.?Jeremy I. Portland, Or. known wedding photographer. In his opinion, the most beautiful fall wedding. He writes:

Basically, although the summer months are the most popular wedding terms, but many (and more) is one of the few selected autumn months. Let's look at a few points why it might be a good choice for winter wedding!

1 WeatherThis is probably the most obvious. We've been growing strongly feel the effects of global warming here at home as well. Summers are synonymous with hot days now, which is the most well-dressed couple and the guests wearing it - he too has been a summer wedding will know how difficult it is to move more pound dress creations in 88 degree heat.

Spring is slipping away - however, in the autumn, is now also much less rainy and cold seasons. In addition, the experience of recent years has shown that from September and October was the best, mildest time!

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2 Colors, decoration, harmony.Is obviously a matter of taste, but this is probably the most colorful season of the year, too - yellow, red, and warm colors make for beautiful scenery and the wedding photos and movies alike. Decoration respect is clearly the best choice as vintage weddings, which already plays a great role in the atmosphere, but since the wedding bunch and the fancy article practically everywhere we can use the gray elements - and can even the classic two-color decoration, boldly used the three colors Combinations (eg, yellow, orange, red)!

Photography / filming point of view is very popular this fall season, because you can see a lot of themes in a creative photographer or filmmaker. The wheat board, squares or parks provide beautiful backdrop, but the sunlight is softer and friendlier this time of year.

Autumn wedding - beautiful colors seen in the photos, however! I like this best.