In the U.S., wedding photography or filming of fashion? A photojournalist's testimony, he reached the top.

Philipp B. He's in Atlanta (Georgia), an experienced wedding photographer. It advises:

Why do we ask (photojournalist) wedding photographer for our wedding?

• The wedding photos are what you tangible memories after the wedding, many years later, it should also be considered.• A photojournalist with a wedding photographer on the big day, so you can capture every moment of the wedding, the wedding preparatinon along.• You can not just tell the events of the day, but we can show anyone that you know your children and grandchildren the story of the wedding.• A photojournalist wedding photographers do all the work to keep the events, so you can be sure to capture the various events.• This will be the photographic moment, you can not lose during the wedding, they could not be there during the day.• The wedding photographers carry dozens of hours of post-production of images.• Improvement of the latest professional digital post-production and retouching techniques to influence a lot of wedding photos.• the traditional group photo will have better quality pictures even if you prepare a wedding photographer.• It was thanks to digital technology, wedding photos ever worsening, compared to film images.• A professional wedding photographer is orders of magnitude better quality images than friends / family members. Most likely your friend will always be able to take pictures in the hands of an SLR, but it is possible that the outcome would be if I sang Frank Sinatra numbers on the big stage.• The wedding event in all different lighting conditions, the images of all the other events, these experiences only an experienced wedding photographer photojournalist.• Perhaps most importantly, most of the images from your wedding photojournalist style captures the emotions, moods, and my moments of unrepeatable events ....

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