Today, one of the wedding photography in the U.S., in a word. Mourn Moore, Oregon City victims.

Now I have taken 91 people died in the terrible strength of hourly wind storm that struck Moore, Oklahoma City on Monday. The tornado also schools razed to the ground, kids have lost their lives in the storm. U.S. President Barack Obama declared a huge disaster that happened in the town.

Ninety-growing increase in the number of victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma and among them there are twenty children - said Tuesday on CNN news television. The authorities have so far talked about 51 people died, but in the last 40 hours, another body had been removed from the rubble. The local hospitals in 230 injured - including 45 children - were shipped, some of them are in critical condition. 20 children are among the victims - provides online side of the British BBC channel. The most affected area by Moore, where schools have decided to destroy high winds.

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The site reports that KFOR TV 20-30 school children disappeared, there is a substantial likelihood that lost their lives. The tornado completely destroyed two elementary schools, one with 75 students and educators tried to weather the storm struck suddenly.

President Barack Obama has called it huge disaster that happened, the phone was promised, Governor Mary Fallin, to take all necessary federal assistance to the relief effort. The neighboring Texas Governor Rick Perry also offered support. Fallin to save Moore conducted at the National Guard units. "The worst fears came true this afternoon," - said on CNN's Bill Bunting, COO storm prediction center, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Blogger's Note: I pray for the dead and the endanger today. Mourning this day.