I love you all, you do not love the U.S. for the wedding photographers. Surely this is so!

Arthur R controversial personality, otherwise very professional wedding photographer in Albuquerque, NM writes:

Profession passion and love - so regardless of which deal with: the wedding photo shoot. Employs the theme of photography since my youth, that I trained my case is all self-taught, both by education I studied with such renowned internationally known photographers, among others.

Most people (even in my line of work as well) avoids a challenge - but I enjoy situations that are constantly encouraged to always something new, some cases can present ideas. A wedding photograph just such a challenge for me, because just as no two weddings, two of the same couple or wedding party - this is why I consider the wedding photographers in my life and one of the most enjoyable of a positive challenge ...

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During a wedding even more than 1000 images being made, but I usually need to be collated through 5-600 of wedding photos, which you can see all of corrected and retouched and intimate color scheme. Because today in the U.S., unfortunately, a lot of the incompetent "photographer", I always suggest to couples, take a look at my pictures, mostly because they speak for me.

Blogger comments: It is important that the wedding photographer selection is made based on preliminary information.