How will it be known wedding photographer in the USA a poor child?

Lex B professional wedding photographers Jaksonville, FL. says:

There are times in one's life, in which cloud absolutely feel good. Two years after graduation, was developed in the circle of friends with whom they are involved and important in my opinion even if you really do not agree. They are smart, beautiful and crazy. In this round, right after graduation around and agree an action which decisively influenced the later life today. We laughed a lot, we sang, we were hiking, partying - like any normal 20 year old. And come to think that all this would be a good documented. Then I bought the Olympus. Due to their small size, could fit in my pocket, it has always been with me the rest of it I hated to keep shooting everything. Today, grateful, and I - I admit - I'm a little proud of myself because I did not let myself stop.

Then, of course, also be periods are - I know from experience - when the people are also very, very happy, feel good, an asset that which we deal with, we have an ambition feels to be on track, a real companion is passed out, but did not reach remember to take photos. This happened to me the last three months. Sadness. Four photos are from that period in my personal life, which I view ....

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The rest is other people made, on request. With so many beautiful interior Memories that perhaps no one else remembers, I wish and tooth and nail to hold on to them because it is so important to me. And we have not talked anything about the absolute crisis, when there is no ambition, no idea - instead there is judgment. In this case, I used to go to the machine - unnecessarily trigerring the lock - and just take photos with eyes and soul, and stores a lot of ideas rarely flew.

So I started photographing weddings. First experiments were well done. Gary H. and Michele G. in Miami, FL. wedding photos looked as if he had made his own wedding. They were happy. That's the best we can be.