Poorly chosen wedding photographer! From St. Louis, MO.

Peter M. and Sarah P. laments:

We desperately. Dream wedding is planned for St. Louis was that we wanted it fixed so that all our lives have eternal remembrance. Our children and grandchildren will be glad when they see it: Look how beautiful day, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa were so happy.

In contrast, horribly disappointed.

San Diego, CA is a pre-discussed, professional wedding photographers who declared himself the details of the shooting party. He agreed to spend the whole day with us to capture every important event before the wedding, during the wedding celebration ....

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In contrast, what happened? The wedding ceremony is at the last minute. Ready three clicked.

Then the wedding almost did not see it. The table, the guests, the bride and groom dance of almost non-produced image.
When I presented the photos, revealed a total of ten images can be recognized.

Of course, they did not pay the fee, he took note of this.

Ask: How to get compensation for their once in a lifetime moments?

Blogger's Note: Well, yes. Be chosen for the wedding photo service provider carefully, make sure you ask in advance reference. Do not believe us unconditionally promises of self-advertising photographers. Anyway I think Peter and Sarah's request for compensation as well. But it is better to prevent trouble!