"Tell me in Seattle, WA" - another wedding photographer began work in the U.S..

Jonas P. Seattle to take wedding photography and video experiences across WA state. Here it is:

I just launched my company. But already very interested in wedding photography and cinematography ...

I am committed to the big day, I dedicate all my time with you guys, so the basic services fee includes an all-day photo shoot, but the wedding immortalize separate payment item counts. After sorting all the pictures you will receive media at full resolution, cropped, retouched as needed. The best creative images in a photo album with you, and a musical slideshow with too give to you.

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My partner and I along with two of the following events photography and filming to undertake:
- The wedding preparations shooting
- Creative photography and cinematography, the locations chosen by you, but also give advice.
- The church and civil ceremonies photography and filming
- The dinner photography - beautiful color images on a set table.
- The wedding photography and filming
- The bachelor or bachelorette party photography and filming

I've managed to beautiful wedding photos Bellevue and Tacoma, and, of course, Seattle in. The couple's biggest satisfied.